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Kamilla Illustration and Your Business

Custom designs and one of a kind illustrations to help turn your cafe into a unique experience no one else can match.


Let me guess, you want your cafe to look and feel unique? 

Kamilla Illustration Meet the Artist
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But everywhere you look, you find boring, minimalistic, cookie cutter visuals that look like everyone else.

You want a way to create a memorable brand that stay in your customer's mind long after the coffee has cooled.

hospitality industry marketing

I get it
You want art!

That's exactly why I created Kamilla Illustration & Your Business. So small businesses like yours can harness the power of customized illustration to give your business an edge.

Cafe Branding
About Me

I graduated with a degree in illustration in 2022 and since, designing illustrations that help my clients and their services or products become more visible, look unique and help them engage with their community and customers.

Brand Awareness

Not only do I understand the pressures of running a small business and trying to do everything yourself, but I understand how to create illustrations that have an impact on your customers and make you one of a kind in your business.

Kamilla Illustration Meet the Artist
Branding Illustration


We work together, usually for 4-8 weeks, to create custom illustrations for your business. From idea to sketch to the final design, you’ll have the ability to offer creative input so that your illustrations not only represent your brand but enhance the customer experience. In the end, you’ll have a bright new look that contributes to being that “favorite spot” for the people in your community, 

Coffee Shop Branding
stage 1
Inspiration to Design​
  • We’ll get really clear on the aesthetic & vision for your business and create a customized plan to bring this to life using illustration

  • We’ll decide what kind of illustration will work best based on use application and your brand in order to give your customers the best experience possible. 

  • I’ll create a series of sketches that bring your overall vision to life.

  • We’ll create a plan for printing and installation so that the process is smooth from start to finish.

branding that stands out
  • Now that we’ve chosen which ideas best represent your aesthetic and story,I’ll create more solid sketches and mock ups so that you can start to get a feel for the final product.

  • We’ll dive right into the editing process, making sure your illustrations not only stand out from the crowd, but are completely original and customized. 

  • We’ll solidify any next steps for printing and installing your final product.

small business illustration
Small Business Branding
stage 2
Bring your Inspiration to Life
Small Business Marketing
stage 3
share your new story
  • By this stage, you’ll have the final version of your illustration!

  • We’ll make any small, last edits and I’ll prepare your files in several formats so that they’re always easy to use and access when you need them. 

  • If needed, I’ll support you through the installation process so that you can finally start seeing your new illustrations in action!

Coffee Shop Brand Awareness

Once you’ve booked your call your get free access to a pdf with a selection of printable packaging stickers and sigage for your business if you don't have it already.

Cafe Brand Awareness
Stand out in your industry with the power of illustration and book your contact me today!
Brand Awareness
custom merch art
Illustration packages
Custom Merch Illustration for Watermark Books and Cafe
Brand Awareness project for the Wichita Public Library
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Ala Carte price per illustration

(dose not include installation/ printing)

  • Logo Design --------------------------- 600

  • Menu Cover --------------------------- 600

  • Packaging Design ------------------- 600

  • Window Illustration --------------- 500

  • Mural Design ------------------------- 500

  • Custom Merch Illustration ----- 500

  • Illustrated Signage ----------------- 500

  • Custom ---------------------------------- 500

    • don't see what you need, just describe what your looking for

  • Spot Illustration --------------------- 400

    • (good for menu interiors, marketing campaigns, website art, event promtions, ect...)

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or get the

Total Rebrand Package

pay full price for the first 3 illustrations and get 50% off any illustration after that!!

Mural for the Wichita Public Library
Small Business Brand Awareness
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  • Coffee shops

  • Tea Houses

  • Bakeries

  • Cafes

  • Food Trucks

  • Small Markets

  • Apothecaries

  • Florists

  • Bookstores 

  • Boutiques

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

  • local Bars

  • ect...

This illustration process is for small businesses like:
Basically, if you’re a business looking to stand out and create a memorable experience using imagery and illustration, 
you’re in the right place!

get your questions answered

coffee shop merch
small business merch
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Once you’ve implemented your new illustrations, not only will you have a secret weapon to stand out within your industry and your community, as well as a memorable experience for your customers that will invite both old regulars and new first time visitors to return again and again!

Take your small business to the next level 

cafe business ideas
cafe business branding ideas
Cafe Branding
Spot Illustration
Menu Cover Illustration
Mural Design

How does illustration really help me and my business?

It can help you design a new look or refresh/ work with your current visuals to help your business stand out in a unique way AND because art isn’t always used for small businesses you’ll have a much more memorable space that your customers, both new and old, will want to return to.

Cafe Marketing

I know how I want my business to feel but I'm not sure how to utilize illustration for that, can you help me figure it out?

Absolutely, I can help you with this! I can incorporate any theme you'd like in the illustration. If you explain a little about your goal and your space I can suggest what kind of illustration you might want, rather that's customized window vinyl, printable murals for your interior, gift cards, a new logo, small graphics for receipts, cups and menus, new art for merch or anything else you might consider. 

If using illustration is so different for small businesses, will it still look professional?

YES!! Absolutely! While illustration is relatively rare in the business world it does get used to great effect. Some of the top coffee shops in the industry are already making the most of illustration to make their space, packaging or brand more interesting. You can stay ahead of the curve by utilizing illustration to shape your business’s visuals. I also have examples of work I’ve done for other businesses if you’d like to see how it can look for you.

Branding Illustration

What if I need a contractor to print/ install the illustration I want?

Many of the businesses I’ve worked with already have a contractor they prefer to work with but I can help you research some one to work with if you need.

What’s pricing like?

See the section above for pricing per illustration, it's different for different kinds of illustration. There is a deal for buying multiple illustrations, 50% off for each after the first 3. If you feel it's too expensive I do allow payment in installments.

Hospitality Marketing
Hospitality Branding
Coffee Shop Packaging Design
Coffee Shop Branding
Stand out in your industry with the power of illustration today!
cafe marketing ideas
small business branding ideas
Coffee Shop Marketing
Small Business Murals
Coffee Shop Mural Design
Coffee Shop Logo Design

We have received nothing but delight and compliments from staff and the community. These additional touches to the library have provided personality, warmth, and magic in our library space.

-Jamie Nix (Director, Wichita Library)

Logo Design

Working with Kamilla is a real pleasure. We can count on her for a job well done. She gets it and works with us as team. Professional from the begaining to the end of any request.

-Faith Ablah (Owner, Faith Ablah Real-Estate)

Kamilla is a dream to work with! She comes to the table prepared every time we meet. She takes care with each step of the design process. She has an exceptionally creative mind but is open to other ideas and criticism. We are so with the work she has done for us.

 -Nathan Gwartney (Director of Marketing, Unicorn Theatre)

Packaging Design

We have engage Kamilla Sims for two projects. In both instances her creative skills provided a finished product that successfully made for a true win-win solution for us and our clients.

-Craig Ablah (Owner,Classic Real-Estate)

It has been wonderful working with Kamilla. She provided several creative preliminary sketches and made edits to them as we threw ideas at her. As we got closer to the final illustration, Kamilla graciously returned updates in a timely manner. Kamilla created a lovely illustration in several formates that we're happy to use in our promotional material.

-Lynda Dahl (Director of Marketing Theatre Pro Rata)

hospitality industry branding

See examples on the 'projects' tab

Small Business Branding Illustration
Cafe Menu Illustration
Mural Design

Sample my services for small businesses with free packaging stickers & signage:

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