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Merchendise Art

for Watermark Books & Cafe

 Watermark Books & Cafe hired me to create so art for their merchandise to help get their customers excited about their promotions for Indie Bookstore Day this year. The goal was to get keep the new customers attracted to the store by the holiday as well as increase their engagement with their current customer base, plus of corse, to make money selling the product. I think it's safe to say the project was a HUGE success; all 20 puzzle sold out within the day, before even counting the online orders! The sucess of the illustration literally paided for itself and then made a profit for Watermark in sales and excited on top of that!   

Murals and Brand Awarness 

for the Wichita Public Library

Brand Awareness for the Wichita Library

The Wichita Public Library hired me to fulfill two goals. The first was to brighten up the grey wall in the Library's staff room. By adding some color through some murals, I could help make the library a better place to work. The second goal was to help increase the visibility of the Wichita library's new building, by creating some art that could be displayed on the library's windows over looking a busy city intersection.  

We have received nothing but delight and compliments from staff and the community. These additional touches to the library have provided personality, warmth, and magic in our library space.

-Jamie Nix (Wichita Library)

Season 50 Promotional Art and Posters

for the Unicorn Theater

I was hired by the Unicorn Theater in Kansas City to create promotional work that to be used to draw crowds to the Unicorn theater for their 50th season. Each work corresponds to one play in the season schedule and would function as a poster, art for the program and a general promotional image that could be used to advertise in print and online. The art was such a success in ingaging customers, I've been invited back to do the same job for next season! 

Kamilla is a dream to work with! She comes to the table prepared every time we meet. She takes care with each step of the design process. She has an exceptionally creative mind but is open to other ideas and criticism. We are so with the work she has done for us.

 -Nathan Gwartney (Director of Marketing, Unicorn Theatre)

Promotional and Seasonal Greeting Cards

for the Faith Ablah Real-Estate

I've worked with Faith and her company Faith Ablah Real-Estate, in Wichita multiple times to create pronominal illustrations designed to help advertise her business. Recently we've worked together on a mailing ad campaign to increase exposure to her company. I've also had the pleasure of designing her annual holiday card 3 years in a row now, and we've both been very pleased the connections she's made a result. 

Working with Kamilla is a real pleasure. We can count on her for a job well done. She gets it and works with us as team. Professional from the beginning to the end of any request.

-Faith Ablah (Faith Ablah Real-Estate)

Illustrated Recipe Cards

for Botanica in collaboration with Constance Ernatt